Shopping Tips

At Wedding Creations we want every bride to have a wonderful shopping experience!  Choosing your bridal gown is one of the most important decisions you will make in planning your big day.  Following are some tips we think will make your shopping experience enjoyable, stress free, and memorable:

Start shopping before you arrive.  On this site you will find links to all the designers we carry.  Check out their websites, search bridal magazines, and bring in pictures of what you like.  With some ideas in mind our staff will be able to easily locate the perfect gown for you!

Be selective in choosing your entourage.  Choosing a bridal gown is an important experience that you may want to share with many people, however, a large crowd (with the best intentions) will only make your experience stressful.  Our largest rooms comfortably accommodate 3-4 guests.

Dress appropriately.  Wearing a neutral colored strapless bra and panties will make trying on gowns simple.  Leaving bright colored or bulky jewelry at home will help you easily envision how your gown will look on the big day.

We cannot wait to help you find the perfect gown!  Call and schedule your appointment today!

Beware of Online Counterfeit Gowns

When purchasing your dream bridal gown, we understand that cost can be a huge determining factor. However, when purchasing a bridal gown, you want to make sure that you also get the quality that you deserve for your big day. Purchasing a gown online can be very risky. The designer photograph that you see on a website may be very different than the dress that you receive. There are countless horror stories about purchasing dresses online. One such story was featured on ABC News. When you are ready to purchase your bridal gown please allow a reputable bridal shop help you find the right dress within your budget.